Working with Scholarly Text w/ rOpenSci Tools

Scott Chamberlain (@sckottie)

UC Berkeley / rOpenSci


What kinds of questions can we ask?

  • Does number of authors per article increase through time?

  • Do p-values on average differ by impact factor?

  • How do length of methods sections change through time?

  • How does the use of the word ___ vary through time?

  • How does code sharing vary by journal/discipline/etc.?

scholarly text data flow

rOpenSci Tools

data source specific: rcrossref, rdatacite, rorcid, microdemic, rplos, europepmc, entrez, aRxiv

umbrella tools: fulltext, crminer

extraction tools: pdftools, unrtf, tabulizer, pubchunks, antiword, rtika

tabulizer example

What's in the pipeline?

making tools better

BUT ...

how open will publishers be moving forward?

  • full text

  • metadata, including references

Open Citations! & I4OC

OCC: Open Citations Corpus

As of March 12, 2018, the OCC has ingested the references from 302,758 citing bibliographic resources and contains information about 12.8 million citation links to 6.5 million cited resources.

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