HTTP Requests for Users & Package Developers

Scott Chamberlain ( @sckottie)



3 packages:
crul, webmockr, vcr

rOpenSci has a lot of pkgs that do http requests

giving rise to the tools presented here

crul - a new http client


crul - features

  • asynchronous requests

  • pagination

  • supports mocking and caching

  • writing to disk + streaming

  • request + response hooks

  • does not have: OAuth

    • not something I need ...

crul - lots of example usage


webmockr & vcr:
forked from another language (Ruby)

we can take advantage of all they've learned

& both general purpose
work with current and future http pkgs

Other langs

keep an eye out for other languages

what good ideas can we adopt in R land

webmockr - mock http requests

arose: because needed to make vcr


webmockr - what does it do?

set what you want to match against & what to return

make a request

if it matches you get what you set to return

if it doesn't match: error

webmockr - huh?

webmockr hooks into crul, hijacking the normal request

constructing a response that matches a real response

based on what you told webmockr to respond with

& vcr builds on webmockr ...

vcr - record and replay HTTP requests/responses

arose: observing other language communities &
need to improve testing in many API clients


vcr - hardest software project I've worked on

vcr - how does it work?

vcr - how does it work?

I thought vcr worked by listening for requests in R

realized it most definitely did not

it modifies an HTTP request & looks for a match

so had to make webmockr first

vcr - what does it do?

HTTP requests in a test suite as usual

w/o making real HTTP requests

so you test your package

not the remote service

(p.s. great for rate-limited services)

vcr - no monkey patching in R!

Allowed in Ruby, but not in R

in R we can use


But not allowed on CRAN

vcr - in the works

help appreciated!

further reading

HTTP Testing Book:

crul/webmockr/vcr in detail
w/ caveats/edge cases/etc.


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